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I've been wanting a site to just kinda blog on, and this came up, so here I am! A small little intro for anyone who reads this: I'm way too emo for 2016, and I love the X-Files (and Scully). I don't have a lot to say about myself, really. I'm gonna have to lurk around a little bit more before I post again, so I can figure out the dynamics of the site and how exactly it works, but I just wanted to touch base before I start my Dreamwidth career. So that's me! Hopefully I decide to stick around! 

A book I've been wanting to read is The Secret Life of Pronouns. It's about the way you speak/write and how you use small words, like articles and pronouns, and what those say about you. It appeals to me because I feel like I add qualifiers a lot--I always end up going back through a post and editing out all the "so's" and "anyways".

Also, I'm going to be turning in a job application for a local coffee shop tomorrow! I'm excited. If I get accepted, it'll be my first job, and it seems like a really nice place to work. The owner is really nice, too. I've spoken to him a few times and he's super friendly. Hopefully I get the job and can make enough money to buy that book!

I need to sleep! Hope anyone reading this has a good day/night/whatever!
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