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aliengirlfriend ([personal profile] aliengirlfriend) wrote2016-07-21 11:33 am

Instant Coffee is the Devil's Beverage

Seriously. I'm not joking. That shit is nasty. I love coffee but when I have to drink instant... It makes me want to throw up. Real coffee is where it's at, and I'm sick of having to spend like 5 dollars to get a decent cup of the stuff. Like, I know that I could buy cheaper coffee at Dunkin' Donuts or something, but I like our local coffee shop. It's nice in there and they have really good coffee.

So I don't suffer an early death as a result of disgusting coffee, I think I'll go to Target later and buy a coffeemaker. I'm tired of drinking instant coffee. Especially during the school year! Like, I want something to make me alert, not make me want to crawl into a grave and shrivel up from the sheer nastiness of it. Fuck whatever my parents think when I roll up to the house with a coffeemaker and shit. I want decent coffee, and if I have to buy it myself, so be it. I'll hopefully have a job soon anyways at said local coffee shop to make up for however much I end up spending on it.